St. Patrick's Day... Moycullen Style

This St. Patrick's Day was our first in Moycullen. We learned that our little village was having it's own parade, so we decided to attend. A lot of people came out to see it.

 photo 68b39183-7eac-4124-8a79-3379f8bc1727.jpg

The parade was short, but you could tell that people put effort into their different floats. It was very nice.

 photo bdfc187f-894c-4440-9bb4-e4fffd787612.jpg

 photo 37f55ac4-5982-4480-a70b-711d4f204217.jpg

Afterwards they had a place where you could get some food, tea, coffee, and a sweet treat. They also had a band playing different cover songs. We would have liked to stay, but by that time Elisha had had enough and decided to scream. haha. Overall, it was cool to see people come together in our little village.

 photo f4a104d3-7951-4db1-9ec4-9fe566f0b9c9.jpg


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