Ich Lerne Deutsch

Guten Tag! Wie gehts es Ihnen? Ich spreche jetzt ein bisschen Deutsch.

If you put that into google translate than you know I speak a little German but let me emphasize, little. Recently I (Stephen) have been taking German lessons on Thursday nights. This has been very challenging and a lot of fun. It has been a great way to meet people and to learn a little bit of a foreign language as well. Being a part of a German missions organization I thought German could come in handy. I am very very far from knowing the language but it will be fun to see if I know more about what is going on (before it is translated) when we are in Germany next month. I hope to continue my lessons and maybe someday have conversational ability. I have had a great teacher and a great group of people to learn with.

Speaking of Germany, please be in prayer for us as we make our way to Germany next month for the Kontaktmission Conference. It will be a trip of firsts for us. It will be the first time Elisha has been in Germany, outside of the womb anyway. We are going over a week early and will be visiting a church in Paderborn that is bringing over a mission trip in August. It will be great to meet them all face to face finally. While visiting the church I will be preaching that Sunday. This will be my first time preaching with an interpreter and so it will be a challenge. Lastly, we will be making a long train ride from Paderborn to Stuttgart. Elisha has never been on a train, let alone a 6 1/2 hour train ride. We are excited for the trip but nervous at the same time since, as many of you know, travel with a baby is always unpredictable. We appreciate your prayers.

If you want to try your hand at German you can watch this video and give it a try!