Discovering a New Style

So recently I (Stephen) have been making my way down to the local pub every other Friday. Turns out that there is an Irish traditional music session open to anyone on those nights. This has been a lot of fun and a great way to meet a few of the older men in the village. I have really enjoyed learning a totally new style of music. I have never played traditional jigs and reels and have found it quite challenging. It is not something I am used to as it is a completely different way of playing. It is much more of rhythmic strumming with a lot of chord movement. It also doesn't help that  I don't know any of the songs and since everyone there plays by memory I have to just try and follow. At the same time I have been learning these new songs I am trying to commit a new tuning, DADGAD, to memory as it is the common tuning in traditional music. I look forward to continue to learn and more importantly to continue to get to know this group of men. Below is a video lesson (if you are interested) explaining the basics of traditional music in DADGAD tuning, enjoy and good luck.