Parent and Toddler Group

Since September I (Alisa) have been attending the Moycullen Parent and Toddler group. It has been great to be able to get to know people in the community through this. There are always new faces to meet and the "regulars" as well. Usually about 20 moms/caregivers that come which means there is a full room with all of the 20+ children there. I have found it really helpful to go and to be able to chat with the other moms. They have given me really helpful tips on where to find things here in Ireland and what they have done for their kids teething, naps, etc. Also, it has been a great distraction for Elisha as well.

Moycullen is a small village and I was afraid of going at first, not knowing how they would treat a foreigner like me, but I have found the people here are as open and friendly as ever. I am so thankful for this group! Hopefully I can be a help to the mom's here as well someday.

They always sing a few songs at the end of the group. A lot of them I would know from childhood, but they are a bit different here such as "Ring Around A-Rosie", it goes:

Ring a ring o' rosie
A pocket full of posies
A tissue! A tissue!
We all fall down!

The cows are in the meadow
Eating buttercups
Thunder! Lightning!
We all jump up!

I like the second part to it... doesn't make a lot of sense, but it is fun to be able to have a reason to get up after falling down.

By the way, Elisha has turned 7 months yesterday! How time flies!
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  1. Very cute pic. I'm glad you've found a community of moms to fellowship with!


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