Little Tour of Our Apartment

Just in case if you are interested, we have been living in our "new" apartment since the end of May. I had taken pictures of it once we had gotten settled in awhile back, so I thought you might want to see the place. (These pictures were all taken pre-baby, so our place looks messy um, I mean, different now).

 photo DSC03957.jpg
Our front door, come on in!

 photo DSC03951.jpg
The kitchen. Our fridge and freezer are in the taller "cabinets" on the left, our dishwasher and washer/dryer are also hidden in here as well.

 photo DSC03954.jpg
Our dining room/living space.

 photo DSC03952.jpg
Another picture of our living space from a different angle.

 photo DSC03955.jpg
This is our spare room and will be Elisha's room once he is older. For now the crib is in our room.

 photo DSC03956.jpg
Our bedroom

That is it! Let us know if you would like to come and visit. :)