Kid's Club Paper Airplane Party

At our last Kid's Club, we had a paper airplane party. Every game was themed around paper airplanes.

The first game was that each kid would make their own paper airplane and then try to fly it the farthest. We played a few rounds of that so that each kid could try and re-make their airplanes to be more aerodynamic.

The next game we counted how many throws it took to get their paper airplanes across a room and land on a table. They got rewarded on the least amount of throws their airplanes took.

After that we took a break and ate some snacks, and they surprised Stephen and I with a "going away" cake! It was delicious!

 photo DSC03651.jpg

After the break we set up two tables as barricades and had two teams, the red team and the blue team. Each team had to make paper airplanes in their color of paper and throw them over to the other team. The team with the most airplanes on the other team's side won. Also, there was a hula hoop that we hung from the ceiling where if they threw an airplane through that they would get bonus points.

We had a very nice time at our last Kid's Club and we really enjoyed getting to know these kids throughout our year and a half in Drogheda. I pray that they will continue to remember what they have been taught about Christ and desire to make Him first in their lives. We will miss working with these kids!