New Apartment!

Stephen and I had been apartment-hunting long distance online for a place we could call home in Galway. It is always kind of hard to just see what a place is like online as some pictures were taken months before, and with some others the pictures are just.... really bad. We saw pictures of a few apartments we liked but everyone that we talked to said they wouldn't hold the place for us as they would be missing out on a months rent. We just started too early, or so we thought.

I had been pretty nervous about finding the right place because it was so hard to tell what places were like online and since we lived so far away from Galway we just couldn't hop on over there at any time to see something new when it came up. I kept on praying about it, but this one morning the worries took over me again. I talked about it with Stephen and we both prayed about it, that God would provide the right place. A few minutes later we got a call back from one landlord, he said if we wanted to see his apartment we needed to come in the next couple days. This was one that we both thought looked very promising. We explained our situation and he said that he actually had another apartment he could show us that wasn't available now, but would be available at the time we needed to move in.

We rushed over to Galway and saw the first apartment we had seen online. It was nice, but really small. Also, the layout seemed a little awkward as the bedrooms were downstairs and the living area upstairs. The landlord went ahead and showed us the other apartment. We loved it. It was bigger than the first one with a much better layout (no stairs... helpful with the coming baby!). He said we could think about it since he wasn't showing it to anyone else. It ended up the first apartment we saw wasn't even an option anymore since someone else saw it and decided to rent it while we were still there, so that made that decision easy.

 photo DSC03468.jpg

After thinking and praying about it for a week and also taking another trip out there to see 5 other apartments, we decided that we should go for the second one we saw. What we really like about it is that it is near a small grocery store, has a good energy rating, and has an open living layout. It is also a 10 minute drive from the city center which is nice.

We hope and pray that we will be able to use this space to serve others and that it would be a place where we can also relax and rejuvenate. Also, it is pretty exciting to think that this will be the first "home" for our new little baby.


  1. I love it!! Hope to visit in the fall! :)

    1. That would be awesome! Hope you can as well.

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