Kontaktmission Day Conference and Retreat

March 23-28th we were in Germany again to attend Kontaktmission's annual day conference and retreat.

The 24th is a huge day conference put on by Kontaktmission every year to inform lots of supporters of what is going on with Kontaktmission.
So far Kontaktmission has 243 missionaries working in 33 different countries (although since France will be added soon it will be 34 countries!). The missionaries are from 27 different nationalities. I am always amazed how we all work together even though we are all so different. God is good.

 photo DSC03438.jpg

We had the opportunity to sing a song for everyone there. We chose to sing a song that we do in church quite often. The lyrics are from Psalm 84 with the melody being originally from the song "The Homes of Donegal". You can listen to a recording we made of the song here...

 photo DSC03441.jpg

From Monday-Thursday we attended the annual Missionary retreat. There was over 200 people there and we were packed into the retreat center. We listened to a speaker, had different nights of prayer where we could pray for each other. Along with four other of our Kontaktmission co-workers, we had the opportunity to help lead the music for the retreat. It is a lot of fun to lead with the rest of the group as they are all very good musicians and things seem to come together easily without much practice. We sing songs in English and German, so when there is a song in German that I am singing, I try to stay in the background and hope no one is reading my lips (as I do not speak German).

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It is always nice to catch up with all of our other "co-workers" who are working in various countries. A lot of my friends are also pregnant at the moment with our due dates just being a month or so apart. It was nice to hear of their experiences so far with the healthcare in their countries (or lack of) and see their baby bumps.