Kid's Club Christmas Party

We had one more Christmas party (that I have been really late in telling you all about). This one was for our Kid's Club. We told the kids to come in red & green. They would get points with how many red & green items they wore and they would get even more points if they painted their faces! We just played a few games and had some snacks. It ended up being a nice evening. Here are some of the games that we played:

We had an entrance game where we had them look for little sheets of paper all over the gym either saying "red" or "green" if you found one that was your team's name, you were to shout it out and all of your teammates were to come and sit on the floor in a line and row as many times as you had teammates. For example, your team had 8 people, so you would all sit in a row and then row (like in a boat) 8 times. Then you could break and all look for more sheets of paper. This is a nice opening game that we use every so often while people are still showing up.

Once everyone got there we had a "snowball fight". It was more just "throw as many wadded up paper balls on the other team's side" but I think they had fun with it.
 photo DSC_0050_zpsa5dd26d2.jpg
Diving in!

 photo DSC_0066_zps40bf665e.jpg

 photo DSC_0056_zpsac6c5b90.jpg

 photo DSC_0060_zpsb0adfd09.jpg

The next game we played was a relay to get one of their teammates dressed up as Santa. The costumes were set on chairs on the other side of the room and one person at a time had to run and get an item to dress their teammate in.
 photo DSC_0090_zpsf7325bdb.jpg

After these games we had some snacks. We had bags of crisps (potato chips, Doritos), biscuits (cookies) and squash (a concentrated fruit drink that you add water to).  The first time I heard that kids drink "squash" here I was a little grossed out, but it isn't what you think it sounds like. It is good!

After the snack we brought out a Christmas Piñata .. the final game! For some of the kids it was the first time ever hitting one of these things!
 photo DSC_0101_zps906b631f.jpg

We did encounter a problem though. I think all of the kids could taste the sweets inside of the piñata before they actually came out. Also, this piñata was impossible to bust. It was made out of pretty tough stuff. Every once in awhile a sweet would come out of it, and the kids would dive for it.... WHILE THE PERSON WAS STILL SWINGING TO BREAK THE PINATA! We kept on telling the kids to  just wait until the whole thing busted, because otherwise their heads would get busted, but they wouldn't listen to us. The situation was too tempting for them.
 photo DSC_0109-1_zps95adef30.jpg

So, Stephen ended up just tearing the thing apart with his hands.
 photo DSC_0116_zpsbae46280.jpg

All the kids were still happy. Just didn't have that dramatic ending I was waiting for. haha
 photo DSC_0122_zps953ee12c.jpg

All photos taken by Ryan Fishel. Thanks Ryan!