Only through Jesus

Every Tuesday night, we have Kid's Club. It is a group of 7-12 year olds that come to the church to hang out, memorize Scripture, sing songs, play games, and listen to a lesson prepared by one of the leaders. The thing of it is, a lot of times the only things we REALLY get around to doing is the lesson and memorizing Scripture, and yet the kids come back, every week. Sure, some weeks are lower numbers than others, but it is usually pretty consistent.

This Tuesday was my turn to lead. Ever since we started the club (in February...with no breaks), we have clearly presented the gospel every week. The lesson was about not taking advantage of God's grace, but I wanted to make sure that they knew where the grace had come from, so I decided to do a little review. I explained of how sin separates us from God. I asked them if there was a way to get close to God again. "Yes." They all said. So far, so good. Then I asked, "How can we get near to God?"

"By accepting God in your heart."

"By believing in God."

"By having faith in God, and by reading your Bible and going to Church."

These were some of the answers. I have to admit my heart dropped. Every week we have explained that it is only Jesus that can save us from our sin. It is only through Jesus that we can be near God again. Now, I understand, some of the kids may have been using the name of God synonymously for the name of Jesus, but I was REALLY wanting to hear SOMEONE say. "It's through Jesus!"

Anyway, at the end of the night, it was stated (AGAIN) that Jesus is the ONLY WAY we can get salvation. I just hope and pray, that in all this repetition, somehow, not only in their minds, but in each one of their hearts, and each one of their souls, they come to realize that this is true.