Oh! Our Car!

It is time to get rid of our car.

We have learned so much MORE about it lately after getting the brake pads changed. It is very rusty and the longer we have it the more we are just going to have to be repairing things more regularly.

We don't want this.

We have been out car shopping and since we are looking to use our car as a trade in they have given us a history report on it.

It was totaled in Northern Ireland. Then it was bought by someone shady down here who basically threw the thing back together and we bought it!

There are 100,000 kilometers not accounted for on our car.

And apparently the rust is so bad a lot of people are figuring that it must have been in the sea somewhere.

Man.... do I feel stupid.

Anyway, please be praying for our car search. We are going to be buying from a dealership this time so as to not get the wool pulled over our eyes again with no one to go back to. Also, my Dad has made us a great list of what to look for in buying a car, so we are being MUCH more critical this time. We would still appreciate your prayers.

Thank you!!!