Barry and Berry- Accents

Here's some advice, if you want to be a missionary (or move somewhere else different from where you grew up), get ready to get made fun of. In this instance, it is with our accent. For example, Stephen and I have never realized this before, but we can neither hear nor say these two words any differently: "Barry" and "Berry". They have a black tea here in Ireland called "Barry's Tea", but we also have several herbal berry teas as well. When asked what tea we want or if we are making tea for someone else, it is always more difficult than what it has to be. If we are really paying attention, we can hear the difference in how people here say it, but still, we cannot say it any differently unless we really say "BAAAAHHHRY's Tea" or "BEEEHHHRY" which doesn't sound normal at all. Also, with our accent, I have been told that I sound Canadian AND like Huckleberry Finn. How does that work out? I am not fond of either of those options, let alone with both of them! Just curious, can any of you say "Barry" or "Berry" any differently? Photobucket


  1. I've been saying Berry and Barry over and over and I think that if I reeeeeeally try to make it work, I can kinda hear the difference. But I don't know. It's not different enough that my American ears can hear it.

    1. I keep on trying to say it over and over as well! If you can get it to sound differently, you will have to tell me how you figured it out. haha


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