New Church Building

Since we have gotten back from the States we have not been in the old church building. We were simply outgrowing the old building and needed a new space. So the church has been building a new one... and it has just gotten finished in June.

Here is a picture of the old building
It was just the middle part, the sides were made into apartments awhile ago.

The old sanctuary.

And here is the new church.

And the new sanctuary.

We are so thankful for this new space to work in. The old church had the sanctuary upstairs and a hall downstairs with two small Sunday school rooms. The only bathroom was downstairs, and the door going downstairs was behind the pulpit! It was a nice place to serve in. It had it's little quirks that you just kind of liked after awhile, but I know that whenever the kids went downstairs for Sunday school they had a hard time keeping their attention with all of the other Sunday schools right by them. Now they each have their own rooms! Also, sometimes while playing games in the gold church, kids wouldn't look where they were going and run into the support beams downstairs. Now we have a nice gym area that kids have plenty of space to run in. Also, since we have our own youth room space, we don't have to come to set up and then put things back... the game tables can all be left out.

Please be praying for the church here to adjust well to the new space. Also, please pray for all of the newcomers that are coming out of curiosity of the new building. We hope that they will stay with us and come to know Christ.


  1. amazing! hope I´ll visit you there soon


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