Update on our Car

First of all.... thank you for praying for us in this situation! It has truly made a difference.

So far, we have been able to get our car fixed for a reasonable price! The mechanics were able to repair our radiator and body of our car pretty cheaply. There is still a part that we need to buy and for them to install. As of now we have only spent 200 euro (approx $260) on fixing our car! This is much less than what we were expecting at first.

We are hoping that the part that we have to order from Honda won't be too expensive either.

Thank you again for praying for this situation!!!


  1. So glad to hear it is turning out so well. Praying the part is reasonable as well. So good to keep up with you guys with all your updates. Keep them coming. :)Love from Dan and Carolyn

  2. I like the changes... your blog looks good!


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