Stephen and I decided to get a birdfeeder to help us learn more of the local birds here, and to make our place seem more homely (by the way, "homely" here is a good word. It just means your place is more comfortable. Not plain or ugly like it does in the States. If an Irish person ever visits your home and you might think they have insulted you, when they really meant to compliment you).

So, we bought a cheap feeder and put it out. For weeks we didn't see anything. We bought a little shrub and put it in a container so that smaller birds might feel like they have someplace to hide for cover. Well, one day, I saw this guy come.

He is a Rook- a bigger version of a crow. They have a horser call than a crow as well.
No way did I think he would actually try to eat the seeds that I had out there.

But alas,

He did.

And a friend even showed up.

The only other bird that has come to the birdfeeder was a huge sea gull. It stood on top of the feeder and then saw me inside. I just stared at it and it stared at me and then it flew off. haha

I am hoping in the summer we might have more birds come that wouldn't have been here in the winter. Also, there is construction going on outside which I think might scare smaller birds off. Maybe once that settles down more will come. I have seen smaller birds at the front of our apartment, just not at the back. I still have hope... but I guess for now I will "enjoy" feeding the Rooks, who usually just eat garbage.


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