We received a surprise gift today!

 The minister's wife, Sandra, knew that I had missed making pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. She actually had went to different shops in Belfast trying to find pumpkin, but they were all sold out. She surprised Stephen and I today with an early Christmas gift. Canned Pumpkin! She had her niece be on the lookout for us (as she lives in Belfast), and so when the shops re-stocked, she was able to snag us some! We are so excited to be able to have pumpkin pie for Christmas!!! Thank you Sandra!


  1. Stephen and Alisa. We are praying for you and keeping up with your updates. All our best to you both.

    - Brien & Amy Sims

  2. Hi There,

    I'm looking for canned pumpkin in Belfast too! Any ideas what shop your friend got yours in?



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