I don't know why...

...we left for Ireland without any rain coats or waterproof shoes.

It has rained here every day that we have been here so far. Even one day was mostly sunny for most of the day and when we were walking home that night the sidewalks were all wet still. Also, we were informed last night that this has been their driest November in years. I can’t even imagine....
We have found a nice big apartment that feels really empty. I know that it will be great once we have Bible studies and once we get some of our stuff shipped here from the states... but just right now it feels a little empty and lonely. 
We are constantly learning new things every day about life here. Just starting the washing machine for me the other day was a huge accomplishment! I was so proud of myself. Of course, as soon as the wash stopped, it started raining outside and it took 2 days for the whole load to dry... learning learning....
Things we have learned we like about Ireland:
Outlets that have on/off switches to conserve energy
Baguettes at Tesco (like their Walmart) for 0.75 euro (that means it is a good deal)
Electric water kettles (they heat up water in no time so tea or coffee are at your fingertips)
Their bread
French press coffee
Ok, so as you can see we have been eating well here. :)
Miss you all! 


  1. I'm glad that you are enjoying it there. Can't wait to see photos!

  2. I think America is the only place without the electric kettles.

  3. I was so happy to see you post something here- I've been waiting to hear how it is going!


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