As the old saying goes...

Fourth times a charm?

Since we have known that we are actually leaving, we have been trying to plan some last "hurrah's", such as eating out at certain restaurants when we have a chance. We were in St. Louis yesterday and decided that we wanted to eat at Chick-Fil-A. We looked it up on our old GPS that needs it's maps updated. Well, we tried to go to three different ones that were obviously not there anymore. The first one was in a mall food court that was not a mall food court anymore, the second was one that was in another mall that wasn't even a mall anymore and the third was in this area that it seemed like nothing has been there for a LONG time.
We were feeling ready to give up, but I wanted to persevere. I looked up the addresses online, thanks to McDonald's WiFi.... and WE FOUND ONE!!!
It was so worth it. Photobucket


  1. Meghann- nutmegsos@yahoo.comOctober 19, 2011 at 11:11 PM

    Yeah for Chick-fil-A in St. Louis!!!!! Did you end up at the one off Manchester by the West County Mall... just wonderin'- that's where my church buddies and I used to hang out!

  2. No, we ended up at the one on Mid Rivers Mall Drive. It was wonderful.

  3. You went to McDonalds to find chic-fil-a. I love America. If you like Chipotle's then go eat there every day!

  4. Don't forget trying to find it in Phoenix and ending up at Red Lobster.


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