Our LONG trip to Nebraska is over.... here is what we did.

Stephen attended a Men's camp September 16 &17 at Pibel Bible Camp. He was able to speak to a few local ministers in the area about what we are going to be doing in Ireland and also was able to visit his old camp. They had a few small groups, listened to two speakers about the condition of the heart, and was able to shoot some pistols. Photobucket
Shooting pistols

On September 18th, we visited Broken Bow Christian Church. Stephen's friend Seth Bates is the minister at that church and let us present a little at the beginning of the service. There was also a pot-luck and we were able to talk to a few people who hung around. We are also very thankful to Seth and Sandy Bates for letting us stay at their wonderful home. Photobucket
Us with Seth & Sandy & their two boys

On September 21st, we had the opportunity to meet with the missions team at McCook Christian Church. They provided a nice lunch there and we were able to talk to them for awhile about what we will be doing in Ireland. It was great to meet with them.

 After meeting with McCook we were able to go see our friend from CCCB Savannah Lyon and her daughter Kailie, then we drove to Omaha and stayed with Stephen's sister Michelle. Photobucket
Super siblings

 On September 25th we were able to present at York Evangelical Free Church. The people there were very friendly and were interested in what we will be doing. We were able to meet with them because the minister of that church, Jon Wymer was in Iraq with Stephen. It was nice to meet with them.

 On the way home we were able to go to Salina, Kansas and met up with Alisa's brothers Joel and Jason. We went bowling and ate out. It was great to see them again.