Leah's Graduation Party/Family Time! Milton, WI

From Texas, we drove to St. Louis and stayed the night with Stephen's grandparents on the way up  to Wisconsin. That was a LONG drive!

The day after we got to Wisconsin, it was my mom's Birthday. Joel and Jason came home from Kansas as well so it was great to have the whole family together! We went to a Milwaukee Brewers game. They won!
All of us at the game

After that we started planning Leah's High School Graduation party. It was fun and it went really well. My mom put me in charge of most of the sides and it was really fun for me to get everything together and ready. I haven't been able to cook a lot for guests now that we live at the Walton's, and so to help out in this way was a real treat!
Leah & her cake made by Saved By Grace Cakes

After the party, my sisters and I got a little crafty...
Cloth flowers you can wear in your hair
We also did some painting (my mom even painted a picture!)...

Stephen and Jared worked a lot on recording a worship album.
Recording collage
The album is still in the works.... I am excited to hear the finished product!

This visit home was great. I will REALLY miss my family when I have to leave. I cry every time I go down the driveway to leave.