Hillcrest Christian Church, McKinney Texas

July 23-25 we were in McKinney, Texas visiting Hillcrest Christian Church. We were honored to meet them because they had already decided to start supporting us before they had even met us! God is so good to create the church. We have a connection with lots of brothers and sisters all over the world because of Him! Stephen had the chance to preach on Sunday. He did a great job.


We also spoke with the youth group that night about what we will be doing in Ireland. The youth there were awesome! They kept on asking question after intelligent question. It was wonderful to see the potential in all of those kids. We stayed with the minister of the church (a fellow CCCB alumni) Brandon Bradley and his family that weekend. It was cool to hear of his vision for the church and of how McKinney is growing. They have a huge mission field there and we are so blessed that they have counted Ireland as their mission field as well.