Christview Christian Church, Southaven, MS & Kontaktmission, Humboldt, TN

This last weekend we visited Southaven, Mississippi to attend Christview Christian Church. Stephen's Aunt Wendy and her family attend there. Stephen was able to preach and present a little about the need in Ireland. It was great to be able to visit with his family and meet the people at the church!
We met his family at Pizza Hut earlier this summer as we were both in Arkansas at the same time!

On Monday we were very close to Humbolt, Tennessee so we decided to visit Kontaktmission's USA office! It was great to see it and to also see Rob and Carla Harris. Rob is the director of Kontaktmission USA and his wife, Carla, handles all of the finances. Being former missionaries to Germany, they are always so full of wisdom and advice. It was great to hang out with them!
After being with Kontaktmission for over a year we finally got to see the office!

We are back home now after our major "summer tour". Since our last statement we have found out that we have all of our start-up costs raised! Praise God! We still need more monthly support. If you would be interested in meeting with us, or if you think that your church might be interested, let us know. We would love to send you more information and meet with you or your church. Email us at or


  1. That is awesome about having all your start up funds raised, we pray with you that all your monthly support will be in soon! We are so excited about what you guys have ahead of you. Also, now I want Pizza Hut. Thanks.


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