Little Galilee Christian Assembly

On Sunday, July 4th, we were driving to camp and decided to stop in Springfield, Illinois at West Side Christian Church and go to their 11 o'clock service. The minister introduced himself to us and asked who we were. We told him that we were just traveling through going to camp as missionaries. He said that he was on the board of the Orchard Group (a church planting organization) and that we should email them to see if they could be of any help to us! Also, while he was talking to us, a man sitting behind us said that he overheard that we were missionaries and handed us $20! It was so nice and awesome of him to do! Also, it just so happened that on that Sunday they had missionaries (Bill & Rachel Carroll) speaking in the church service who are church planting in France! It was great to be able to meet them and to hear of their experiences as the need in France is very similar to Ireland. Anyway, just being at that church was very encouraging and it was crazy of how many awesome things happened from us just picking a church to go to from their website! Thank you Jesus!

Last week we had the great opportunity to be the missionaries at Little Galilee Christian Assembly for their High School Fine Arts & Sports Camp. It was awesome to be able to see the student's talents and be able to encourage them to live their lives for Jesus. We helped lead the music that week, were team leaders (go "Rhymes with Orange" Team!!), taught a class on community, and we each taught different electives for directed recreation time. Stephen lead a class on guitar tones and I lead a class on how to make a sailor knot bracelet. It was a lot of fun.

The campers had a lot of different ways that they could help support us that were really fun for them as well. On Thursday night there was a coffee house where people could perform and the kids could vote on who they liked the best through their giving. There were a lot of talented musicians, singers, dancers, and joke tellers.
The coffee house night

Another way they could give was though a raffle. One of the leaders there, Kit Sunderland, is a professional artist and she donated a couple of her prints to be raffled off. Her artwork is beautiful and we lucked out because she painted us an original painting to be hung in our apartment in Ireland one day! We love it! You can check out her paintings here (she sells on Etsy just like I do! It is always fun to meet a fellow Etsian!).
This is the beautiful picture she painted us. Full of clovers and encouragements. We are so excited to hang it in our home.... hopefully sooner than later!

The last way the students could give was pretty impromptu and funny. One of the leaders decided to auction off his beard for us. Whoever had the highest bid could tell him of how they wanted his beard shaved. It was pretty funny.
Before & After Pictures of Tom & his beard. Thank you Tom for your sacrifice!!! :)

All in all it was another great week of camp.


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  2. Hey! Just wondering how things are going as you near your goal departure date - looks like it's busy! Are you still set to leave this month? Praying for you guys!

  3. the link isn't working, so to avoid anonymity...from Kenny and Heather :]

  4. Hey Heather & Kenny!
    We have been pretty busy traveling around, especially last month. We still are going to Mississippi this summer as well. From the end of June we are at 60% of our monthly costs, so we still have awhile to go on that. We have had several people say that they would like to support us monthly, so we will see where we are at then. We are still hoping to leave at the end of August, but I am really not sure if it is going to happen or not. We have been taking the opportunities that God has given us, and so we will see if it is His timing for us to leave at the end of August or not. I know we will get to Ireland when He wants us there! It might be later, but we'll see. Thanks for your prayers! Hope you are doing well!


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