Fall Creek Christian Church

After camp we drove to Indiana to stay with Andrew & Samantha Hodges who are our ol' friends from college. It was great to see them and just relax and talk. Also, I have a great aunt & uncle who live in Indianapolis, so I called up my family to get their number, and my family was going to be visiting them as well as they were coming back from a wedding in Cincinnati! It was great to see all of them and to hear stories of what my great uncle went through as a POW in Germany.

Family time with Great Uncle Gene and Aunt Imogene

Spending time with Samantha at a great coffee shop. They had awesome coffee!

Stephen and Andrew- In college they were in a band called, "Palmer". It was fun to hear them play some of their old songs together. 

On Sunday we went to Andrew & Samantha's church (Fall Creek Christian Church) in Pendleton. We were so thankful to be able to speak in three different Sunday Schools and be introduced in every service. We are really hoping to get some monthy individual support from there, so we'll see! Everyone was very encouraging and friendly. It was great to be there.

Thank you for all of your prayers with our crazy travel schedule lately!!! Tomorrow we are off to Arkansas!