Forum's VBS

Last week, Stephen and I had the awesome opportunity to participate in our church's VBS! We were the missionaries for the week and also helped out with the music. It was a lot of fun. The theme for the week was "The Journey" and the kids were able to learn and experience a lot of different stories in the Bible that led up to Jesus. It was great.

The kids were also challenged to raise the money for our plane tickets. They did it! Stephen and I were so thankful and excited and the kids were really excited too! (They just kept on screaming and screaming, and after awhile, I think they forgot what they were even screaming about). It was fantastic!

Here are some pictures of the week:

Stephen's brother as an Egyptian with boils...

Check out that guy's boils!!!

Plague of the frogs

Plague of diseased livestock.


  1. Those are some pretty impressive plagues! And even more impressive plane tickets!- Meghann


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