These guys attacked me after I took this picture!

I grew up in Wisconsin. We had cicadas there, but never were they like this! Right now the people of Missouri have cicadas out the wazoo! They are called thirteen year cicadas, because every thirteen years they emerge from underground to sing, mate, lay eggs and die all in about six weeks. They are awful! Swarms and swarms of them! I read in the paper that the male cicadas singing can reach up to 85 decibels, louder than a sound of a jet plane flying overhead! You don't want to walk under trees or bump them in any way because they just come out and "attack" you! Last night, Stephen filled up our car with gas and as he got into the car one came inside with him! I knew that I couldn't start driving until it got out of the car, otherwise we would have gotten into a car accident! haha

I wasn't going to get any closer!

Some people are having fun with all of the cicada madness though. My favorite ice cream shop in Columbia, Sparkys, makes their own ice cream with lots of interesting flavors. They actually had cicada ice cream and they sold out of it! Shucks! I had to settle for blueberry muffin ice cream instead (please, note that I am joking here, I am pretty sure I don't want to eat a cicada if I don't have to!!!).

In any case, it will be nice once the cicadas are gone. Has anyone else had any funny or scary cicada experiences lately?


  1. 26 years ago they swarmed the yard of a young pregnant woman who barely ventured out of her house. And yes they do dive bomb you. I managed to keep all but 2 out of the house. So you can expect them every time Stephen's birthday is a multiple of 13. Stay out of Missouri, particularly Moberly at that time. Love Mom


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