As I was checking my email this morning, Stephen surprised me by coming in the room with dress shoes, dress slacks, a dress shirt, and tie on! "I'm going to work today",He said. Not that we don't work during the week, but we just usually don't dress up. So, I dressed up as well today. Stephen has been getting a lot done for his sermon and I've worked on what we'll say at Forum's VBS, renewed a necklace on Etsy, I called my brother (because it's his birthday), I emailed a few people, trying to get more opportunites to present about Ireland, I made lunch, and made a scruptious pan of granola. I'm going to run into town and get a few things that we'll need as props for VBS and continue reading the book "The Reason For God- Belief in an Age of Skepticism" by Tim Keller.

Stephen-lookin good

Yesterday, Stephen and I accomplished a lot as well. About a year ago we moved out of our house, had a rummage sale, and moved into Stephen's grandparents house. We have one room where we try to keep everything, plus a storage shed. Well, yesterday we went through our storage shed again to find more things to get rid of. I want to have one more rummage sale before we leave for Ireland, so I was really glad to get the storage shed cleared out of more stuff that we don't want to take. We also mowed his grandparent's yard yesterday! It looks pretty nice! My hands are bruised from pushing the lawn mower so hard, but I'm glad I helped Stephen. It saved him a lot of time to not have to go so close around every tree... and there are a lot of trees.

Getting things done!!!

Hope all of you are having a productive day as well!


  1. That actually is a great idea... I think getting ready motivates you for the day! Imma start trying to get up earlier to get ready before the little guy takes over the whole day!

  2. Great to hear you guys are so busy and getting ready for the move. Simona and I are looking forward to seeing you soon!!


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