Memorial Day- a little of our history

Alvin Rowley - Stephen's Great Great Uncle
Died in WWI

Hershel Knox- Stephen's Great Grandpa
Served in the Navy

Louis Arnold- Alisa's Grandpa
Louis was in the Navy from 1942 - 1943. He enlisted. He was serving on a ship in the South Pacific and was injured on the ship while unloading orange crates. He was taken to a New Zealand hospital and later was medically discharged.

James Arnold -Alisa's Great Uncle
This wedding picture was taken April 13, 1946. He met and married his wife, Imogene, after the war. Earlier, he was drafted in the spring of 1942 before he and other classmates were graduated from H.S. They were promised diplomas after they returned and did receive them then. He served in the Army from 1942 - 1945. during which he was shot nearly losing his arm and was a German POW.

William Walton- Stephen's Grandpa
Grandpa Walton 001
He served in the 357th Military Police Detachment in the Army, with the majority of his service in Japan.

James Simpson- Stephen's Grandpa
This picture of James was taken with his wife Janet in 2010. When he served in the Army, he was a diesel mechanic. He served mostly in France.

Bob Walton- Stephen's Great Uncle
Uncle Bob 001
Bob was a medical corpsman with the Marines. He enlisted during WWII, serving with the 27th Marines, 5th Marine Division. He fought on Iwo Jima, the bloodiest battle of World War II, and was training for the invasion of Japan when the US dropped the atomic bombs.

Gene Walton- Stephen's Great Aunt
Aunt Gene 001
Was a nurse in the Air Force. She was stationed in Germany and in the United States.

Dick Brannin -Stephen's Great Uncle
Served 4 years in the Air Force

Danny Barulli -Stephen's Uncle
Served as a Captain and Infantry officer in the Army.

Stephen Walton
Served in the Nebraska National Guard for 6 years with the 1-167th Cavalry, 35th infantry Division. He was deployed to Iraq with the Army in 2005-2007, being part of the longest continuous deployment since WWII. He was a gunner for a HMMWV, was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and served as truck commander as well. He served at an Entrance Control Point and did lots of convoys and patrols.

Angie Bachtell- Alisa's cousin in the Air Force
Served in Afghanistan as a dentist.

Johnny Buneta- Alisa's cousin
Johnny is in the Army currently serving in Afghanistan.


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