Our Last Full Day In Ireland

This morning we went to the staff meeting of Drogheda Christian Church. We listened to a sermon and talked about it and then prayed for each other. We are very excited to come back and work with this church. We have a lot to learn and we can tell that these are great people to learn under. Praise God that He is leading us to the right place!

We ate lunch with Arturas and Daiva.... they have been so hospitable and good to us ever since we have been here. We have so much to be thankful for. Lunch was delicious, followed up by the option of tea or coffee with dessert, something quite common and wonderful about Ireland.

Daiva then dropped Stephen and I off at Newgrange. A historical burial ground that is apparently older than stonehenge. It was very interesting to see as you can enter into the mound through a narrow passageway and see different carvings. We only wished that we could have stayed longer. The scenery around the historical site was just as wonderful to see as the site itself. It was gorgeous.
The Newgrange Mound
The Entrance
The scenery with another burial mound in the background.

This evening we ate dinner with Adas (Arturas & Daiva's son) and his wife Tracey. They are also members of Drogheda Presbyterian Church and are around our age. It was nice to visit with them and see the neighborhood that they are living in since it might be a good option for us to live in as well.

We are very thankful for our time here and are looking forward to our trip to Germany! Please pray that we'll have enough energy to keep going. Meeting and visiting with lots of people has been kinda stressful and wonderful at the same time. We just know that in going to Germany, we'll have a lot more people to meet, so your prayers would be appreciated.

Thanks again!