In Germany!

We arrived in Germany at about 3pm German time. It is so beautiful here! We were driving past little quaint German towns in the mountains and there are tons of gorgeous trees. I saw a meadow that I wanted to run out in and sing “The hills are alive with the sound of music!” (Yes, I know that I am in Germany, not Austria, but it looks like the same scenery in some places. ☺).
Here is just a glimpse of some of the beautiful scenery.

The missionary who picked us up from the airport, Gene Corrigan, is from Kenosha, Wisconsin. So, that was nice to meet someone from the homeland. He took Stephen and I to a castle that was totally beautiful.


We are staying at a hotel called the Raitelberg. It is so fancy! The director of Kontaktmission’s brother owns the hotel, so he gives Kontaktmission an insane rate. We had such a nice dinner tonight. Full of anything that you could possibly want. We were able to catch up with Rob and Carla Harris over dinner, telling them of all that went on in Ireland. It is great to see them again. It is also very comforting that they know how to speak German. We came down to the dining room before they arrived and ordered sparkling water accidentally. Now we know of how to say “still water” in German.
That is about all for today, until tomorrow!!!