In Dublin

Stephen and I arrived in Dublin around 5pm yesterday and had some time to walk around before someone came to pick us up. It was kind of awkward walking around with our bags, but I am really glad that we only took a carry-on for this trip, having a bigger bag with everything else would have been impossible.

We decided that it would be fun to go see some places that we did when we were on our honeymoon.

Back in 2007 on our honeymoon, We had a bad idea to eat at a mexican restaurant here and Stephen got food poisoning. Our first night in Dublin, he had been throwing up and all of that good stuff. So the next day he was still not feeling well, but I was still hungry. We walked around trying to find a cheaper place for me to eat. We found Apache Pizza. It was good pizza, but really not that great. Ever since then though, Stephen has always said that he wants to eat at Apache Pizza sometime. He said that even though he did not feel like eating anything at that time, he still thought that that pizza just looked so good. So, we walked all of the way from Heuston Station, Down to the Temple Bar area and went to the Apache Pizza that I had eaten pizza in front of Stephen 3 1/2 years ago. haha. The pizza was good, but not great, but it was really fun to be there again.
Stephen with his dream pizza

After that we walked down Temple Bar Street and saw the hotel that we had first stayed at, "The Morgan". We also took a picture of us on O'Connell Bridge over the River Liffy, the same place where we took a picture of us years ago. I was afraid of how different we would look, but Stephen assured me that we age like a fine wine. hahaha!
Us on our "love bridge" haha

It was really fun to be in our old "stomping grounds" for a few hours as everywhere we have been so far has been different from our honeymoon. I even thought that the airport would be familiar, but they have redone everything in there, and it looks totally different than before.


  1. How fun to be able to go to some of the same places you went on your honeymoon! You both look just as good as you did in '07. And the pizza story is classic.


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