Guten Tag

Good afternoon! We have been in Germany since Friday and have been having a good time meeting lots of new people. We have met lots of our "co-workers" with Kontaktmission who have been serving around the world.

We got to try our first German bratwurst. It was so good. Their bread here is amazing and so they just put this huge bratwurst in this wonderful roll that is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. If you ever get to Germany, you have to try their breads. They are amazing.
And Coke in a glass bottle.... so fancy

The big Kontaktmission conference was yesterday. Most of it was in German (except for a few songs), and so Rob Harris translated it for us into English. So, all of us English- speakers sat together and had to wear earphones.

Listening to the speakers at the Kontaktmission Conference

It was an all day event focusing on different missionaries who are being sent, missionaries who are planting churches, and missionaries who are multiplying those churches. Stephen and I were "interviewed" during the "Sent" time. It was really cool to actually see all of the work that Kontaktmission is doing, the need in Europe, and of how big of an organization it is. In the states, it is pretty small, but Kontaktmission has over 217 missionaries, and about 170 will be here this week for the Kontaktmission Retreat that will last until Thursday. Stephen and I have decided that we need to learn some German, as we will be coming to this conference every year, but most people know of how to speak English. I just feel silly whenever someone speaks to me in German and I just say "English". I wish I could understand a little more than I do.

All of the on field missionaries who were at the conference. It was great to see that.