Back to Drogheda Today

We have had a nice time in the western side of Ireland. It is really eye opening to actually see the need here. We have known about it, but it is different to see it and to hear about it from people here.

Yesterday we met with Brendan & Carinne. Missionaries to Ireland from Australia. It was really great to get their take on what it is like to live in Ireland, since they are foreign as well. They have four kids and they are very laid back and say that inviting people over to their house for birthday parties, activities with their kids, and for crafts have really been effective. Since the crash of Ireland's economy, a lot of Irish have been leaving to go to Australia to find jobs. So, for them to be here is really eye opening to the Irish that they want to help. That was really encouraging to visit with them. Carinne is involved with a lot of crafts and has her own shop on Etsy , so it was fun to have that connection with her. They both like music, so that was cool as well. Stephen and I both felt that we would be able to get along with them very well. It was nice to compare support raising stories, as we have had similar experiences of people not knowing of the need in Europe.

That evening we met with John and Julia. Two other missionaries who work with Calvary Mission. John is from Northern Ireland and Julia is from Germany. They have three children. It was really great to visit with them. They were very easy to talk to and were very encouraging. Again, hearing of the need in Ireland from them was really reassuring that we are going in the right direction. Julia made a wonderful meal full of foods that we had never tried before. It was very delicious. She also invited me, Alisa, along to go to a women's Bible study that night. I took the opportunity and went. It was just what I needed. There were 5 of us there, including me. They had been reading through a book, and it was just encouraging to see these women who were desiring to please God with their lives. It was great to laugh with them, talk about God with them, and pray with them. A very nice evening. I really enjoyed it.

This morning we sat in on the team meeting for Calvary Mission. It was great to see where their ministry was going and to see the vision that they had for the mission. Pray for the people of Ireland that they would see the truth of God's Word!

We will be getting on a train soon heading back to Drogheda. It is about a 3 1/2 hour trip. Thanks for praying!

Our new home in Ireland... J/K