Another Great Day

Today was (as the Irish would say) grand. We were able to sleep in this morning which is always a good way to start a day in my book. We have been staying with a man named Gerry. He is a member of the church here in Drogheda. He lives in an unusually large house (most houses here are much smaller) that he and several people are renting (this is making a long story very short)

Gerry's house

It is a beautiful home out in the country a few miles from Drogheda. We have loved being able to be out in the country as it is beautiful to look out at every morning. This morning I had a nice surprise when I looked out...


A herd of Dairy cows had migrated over very near the house. It was fun to watch them play with one another and frolic in the morning mist (yes, Irish cows frolic).

Our fellow teammates with Kontaktmission:Ireland, Arturas and Daiva, came and picked us up for lunch at their house. Arturas then had to go to work. We spent the rest of the afternoon with Daiva and their daughters Aida and Lija. We watched an episode of "Top Gear" and an episode of, "Takeshi's Castle" otherwise known in America as MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge. I had forgotten how funny that show was. It was enjoyable to just relax for a while. Drogheda is a coastal city and so the beach is not far away. Daiva took us to see the Irish Sea and we walked along the beach. It was windy and a little cool but we had a good time.

Here is Alisa and Daiva on the beach

Later this evening we went and ate dinner with John and Sandra Woodside. He is the minister of the church here and will be helping us adjust to ministry in Ireland once we arrive permanently. It was a wonderful dinner and we had a delightful time. We look forward to working with them.

Lastly we went to a Bible study held in a local hotel. There were probably 20 people there to learn from Billy, a former plumber who now preaches and teaches in the Drogheda area. It was great to see people interested in the Word of God. People at the Bible study were very friendly and so it made for a nice time.

All in all today was a really great day. We are looking forward to tomorrow, our last full day in Ireland.


  1. Mickey Fishy sends his love and misses you dearly. It's great to see you guys living the dream! —The Browns

  2. Hey Alisa, I don't think we'll get to see you guys this time. I thought Zach had written Stephen on FB. I'm glad your guys are enjoying your time in Ireland. I hope you also like Germany! Next time you're in Germany let us know, well try and plan something!


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