We Cannot Do This On Our Own

April 8th is coming up fast! That is the day when we will leave for our short trip to Ireland & Germany. We are getting so excited to meet the people that we will be working with for the first year, and a little nervous meeting with people that we will possibly church plant with.

I have been praying for wisdom... and guidance... and realizing more and more that we cannot do this on our own.

Over this short trip we want to ask the right questions to make wise decisions about where we will be going after that first year. We have never planted a church before, let alone in another country and culture, and a lot of times I am just praying "God! I have no idea what I am doing!" He will be our strength and our guide through this. Is it scary? Yes. And yet at the same time this is right where I know He wants us to be. He wants us to lean on Him through everything in life, not just planting churches. I want to be used by Him. I am His. Stephen and I cannot do this on our own, but I am so glad that we have an all-powerful, all knowing God who can do anything He wants through us. We just need to be willing.

Here I am! Use me!!!!

We would really appreciate people praying for us as we go on this short trip. That we would listen to God's leading and wisdom. Thanks!

Stephen got me some tulips last Friday..... so beautiful!


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