God will Supply

Stephen and I have been sick these past couple of days. It hasn't been delightful at all. My worst day was Monday, and have been slowly improving ever since, and Stephen just got sick yesterday. No matter when you get sick, it always seems inconvenient. It is especially inconvenient to Stephen this week because he is preaching for the Student Revival at Central Christian College of the Bible. His first day preaching was on Tuesday, and he got sick that evening. Well, he had to preach this morning as well. Last night, we weren't sure if he could do it or not, he was that bad. This morning, thankfully, he was feeling a lot better, even though, all he wanted to do was be in bed, he got up and preached!

Stephen's grandpa, Mr. Walton, knows a lot about preaching when you don't feel good. He has had some major health problems in the past, and yet, even if he was sitting down in a chair, he kept on preaching. This morning it was really encouraging to hear him say to Stephen "God will supply", because I know that Mr. Walton was not just saying it, he knew it from experience.

Also, this morning when I prayed for Stephen that the Lord would be his strength, I just got to thinking. Usually I pray this knowing that we are weak, and that we need Him so badly, and yet just this morning, I realized, just because Stephen is sick, doesn't mean that we don't appear like this to Christ every day.  I think that I am so strong and capable most of the time, but really, who am I compared to God? How much to I lean on my own strength from day to day instead of His?

Keep on praying for us as we recover. Stephen is planning on resting the rest of the day away and he won't have to preach again until Friday. Thanks for your prayers.