Shoveling Out the Driveway

On Wednesday, Stephen, his Grandpa, and I shoveled out the driveway. It was hard work, but went faster than what I thought it would. I started out with great gusto, and then had to take more and more breaks as time went on. My arms are sore, but we couldn't go to the gym the past couple of days, so that was our workout instead.

Our little pathway to the house. Stephen's grandpa had this done before we even got out of bed. He is so fast!

Moberly got 18" of snow, but with the drifts, it was deeper than that from time to time.

the long driveway we shoveled out!

It was funny because I tried to throw a shovelful of snow on Stephen, but the wind shifted and I missed. I kept on shoveling and the next thing I knew was a huge load of snow was dumped on my back! He got me! I tried to throw another shovelful..... AND MISSED AGAIN! I guess I need to work on my aim. I finally got him, but I think that he stood still for me.

On Tuesday, (the big day of the blizzard), I started on another project for Etsy that I still don't know how I am going to finish. Just thought you might want to see a preview.


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