We have been getting really bad at keeping up with our posts. The last few weeks have been crazy as we have been scheduled to do a lot of things.

First, we were sick, and as you see from our last post, Stephen was preaching for the student revival at Central Christian College of the Bible, and we were recovering.

As soon as we were done with that, we were off to Wisconsin for a quick visit with my family. It was really great to see them again. We played some ice hockey and just hung out together. My mom really helped me with an great idea of how to display my jewelry at my first jewelry party that was coming up soon. That helped a TON!

My sisters and I cuddled up and watching a movie. Vixey decided she should be in the picture too. 

Next we went to Zion, IL (north of Chicago) to visit with our great friends, Mark & Meg Burbidge. This was a hard visit as they are preparing to move to Zimbabwe, Africa at the end of the month. We met Mark & Meg in college, before they were married. Mark is from Zimbabwe and has always wanted to go back and minister there. Ever since I knew Meg she always wanted to be in ministry as well, so they fit together great. They got married, had 2 great kids, and now their full support is raised and they are leaving! We helped them by watching the kids as they packed, doing dishes, and cleaning. I wish that I was able to stay longer to help them more. Please be praying for them as they prepare to leave. They are taking 10 bags with them on the plane and that is it. Mark has to figure out how to carry them because Meg will be busy with the boys. Pray that they arrive into Zimbabwe safely.  It was very hard to say goodbye to them.

Stephen & Judah, Mark & Meg's oldest son. Stephen told Judah to put his thumbs up in the picture. haha

After that, we went back home to Missouri and Stephen played electric guitar for a youth conference at our church called Discipleship Now.  While he was doing that, my friend, Darla, hosted my first jewelry party for me.  I was so nervous about it, but it actually turned out really well. I made enough money to pay our cell phone bill for a couple of months. It is a great comfort to know that that the money won't have to come out of our savings along with everything else. If anyone is interesting in hosting a jewelry party for me, please let me know! You will get 20% off of your whole order that night and will get first pick of my "one-of-a-kind" items.

The set-up of my jewelry party. 

The next day, Saturday, the Discipleship Now conference was still going on, so I sang with the rest of the band. It was a lot of fun. The youth at our church sure can sing! It was great to hear all of their voices.

On Sunday, Stephen led worship at our church while I sang backup with the rest of the singers. It seemed like it wasn't only Stephen and I who were really tired that morning. Usually when we are backstage with the rest of the band, everyone is talking like crazy. Well, we all seemed like we were in a daze. Our good friends Tyler and Katelyn Morris are great and let us stay at their house on Sunday night.  Even though Tyler and Katelyn weren't there on Sunday afternoon, Stephen and I just lazed around their house watching movies on Netflix. It was great to relax!

Now, I have to tell you about the most exciting thing that is coming up! Our missions organization, Kontaktmission, is based out of Germany. Well, every year in April they have a meeting in Germany for all of the missionaries to get together. We were talking to our director in the U.S. office and he thought it would be a good idea for Stephen and I to go. Then he also said that since we are coming to Europe anyway, that we should go to Ireland and meet the church that we will be working with for the first year and travel to western Ireland to meet some Irish people who want to team up with us to plant churches! We are SO excited to do this! We not only get to meet a lot of the other missionaries who work with Kontaktmission, but we get to meet the people we will be working with in Ireland! We get to visit the city that we will be living in! We get to visit the church that we will be attending for the first year! It doesn't even seem real that we have the opportunity to do this, and yet, we are going to buy our tickets today!

Thanks for reading this LOOOOONG post! I'll try better at giving smaller doses at a time!