Something to think about

A few days after Christmas we had to take Stephen's sister back to the airport in Las Vegas. While we were there we stopped at a Dick's Sporting Goods and I saw this shirt. 

I guess I always get skeptical of trendy causes, and so I looked where the shirt was made. 

Also, Dick's Sporting Goods isn't necessarily your mom and pop store. They have stores all over the nation.

I agree that we need to take care of the earth and just because it is trendy doesn't mean that it is wrong, I  just wish that people who would be all for it, would actually do it instead of just look like it. 

Maybe that is why this shirt was in the clearance area.  :)

Just as I am a skeptic of trendy causes, I know that there are people out there who are skeptics of Christianity. They are looking and searching for contradictions between what we say and do. Let's mean what we say, and actually follow through!


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