Getting Our Car & Amp Fixed

Today our car is getting fixed.

This last summer our car decided to stop turning left. It felt like the power steering was going out, but only when you turn the car to the left. Anyway, our mechanic said that it was the rack and pinion. He put some additive in it, to see if that would help. It did help for awhile, but never quite fixed it. We always kind of knew in the back of our minds that we would have to just swallow it and get it done. So, even though I am not glad about the price, I am glad that we won't have it in the back of our minds anymore.

Also,  on Monday Stephen went to Guitar Center in St. Louis and traded in TONS of his music gear for one guitar amp (Think of it like the guy who sold all he owned to buy the land that had the hidden treasure, Matt 13:44). Moving to Ireland, he decided that he needed to downsize, so he bought a smaller, really nice amp. He used it a couple of times, and then on Wednesday at worship band practice at the church, it stopped working right. Well, he found out that two of the tubes in the amp had blown out. He hadn't been doing anything to it to make that happen. Well, the tubes are under a 30 day warranty, and so some new ones should be sent to us soon.

Sorry we haven't been posting much lately. Not a lot has been going on since we have just been busy finally being able to contact people again for meetings after the holidays. Everyone, including ourselves from time to time, were just too busy to meet around then. As a result of this, our support raising has considerably slowed down. We have been stuck around 38-39% for a few months now. If you could pray for us, that we would follow God's leading and that people would feel led to support us, we would appreciate it.

Other than these things, we have been fine. We are still running and have recently started to lift weights as well. Also, my Etsy store is picking up here lately, so that is really encouraging. Thank you to all of you who have purchased a necklace or two.

Thanks for reading!