LaPlata MO to Needles CA

This last Thursday Stephen, his brother Michael, and I got on the train at LaPlata MO and traveled to Needles CA. It was definitely an interesting ride. The seats are much better than a plane, so we were pretty comfortable and they also have a lounge/viewing car where you can hang out in as well. It was the longest that we had ever been on a train, but it was nice because it traveled through Kansas at night and then we woke up to mountains in New Mexico. It was much better than driving out there, but I think that I still prefer flying. It was cheaper though and we had time, so that is why we decided to try it. Also, Stephen's parents only had to drive 45 minutes to get us instead of 2 1/2 hours to Las Vegas or 3 hrs to Phoenix.

Here are some pictures of us and the view on our trip:
Stephen and Michael
Our Train
Beautiful views
More beautiful views. haha Just kidding


  1. Awwww that actually sounds really cool plus the pics are great! Miss you guys and hope you are having a great last Christmas in the states!


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