Unrest in Ireland

"European Union nations agreed to give euro67.5 billion ($89.4 billion) in bailout loans to Ireland on Sunday to help it weather the cost of its massive banking crisis, and sketched out new rules for future emergencies in an effort to restore faith in the euro currency." -- AP

For those of you who don't know, Ireland has been in a severe economic crisis for the last several years. In fact I just heard experts on the news say that Ireland is in a similar place as we (the US) were in 2008. Thanks to banks doing the same things they did here Ireland's economy is collapsing. Unrest, anger, and fear are driving many to protest this bailout. Ireland has always been fiercely independent especially since gaining its independence from Great Britain; so the idea of being told what to do by the European Union has many people upset and afraid.

Planting churches in Ireland will certainly not be easy but I for one look forward to seeing how God will use this situation to further His Kingdom. Please be praying for the people of Ireland and for their country!