Omaha, Nebraska

This weekend we went to Omaha, Nebraska for multiple reasons.

Reason 1. Soccer Regionals
Michael (Stephen's Brother) plays soccer for Central Christian College of the Bible and their regionals were in Omaha this weekend. Since Stephen has been helping out coaching and we had to be in Omaha anyway, we went to watch. They won their first game against Baptist Bible College but lost to Manhattan Christian College the next day. They played hard, but Manhattan got the best of them, oh well.
CCCB 2010 Soccer Team

Reason 2. Family
Stephen's parents haven't seen Michael play soccer before, so they decided to fly in from Arizona to watch, to see Michelle (Stephen's sister, Michelle lives in Omaha), and us. It was so nice to be able to spend time with them as we haven't seen them since last summer. We ate out a lot, took a couple of walks, and slid down these fun slides that they have in downtown Omaha. It was great to see them again.
Robin taking a ride down the slide

Reason 3. Presenting at a church.
Yesterday we presented at City Church in Omaha. It is a church plant that is thinking about taking on their first missionaries. It was nice being able to visit there and see where Michelle goes to church. They meet in a venue on Sunday mornings and the atmosphere is very relaxed. We loved it and were thinking that this might be similar to what a church plant in Ireland might look like. Ahhh! Dreaming! :)
Michelle took some pictures of us one afternoon

Reason 4. Presenting at NCC
We have an opportunity to present at Nebraska Christian College tomorrow. We have just set up our booth in the student center and Stephen is already busy talking to students. People are pretty friendly and helpful here. Pray that our presentations will go well in chapel tomorrow and in classes.

Robin, Stephen, Michelle, and John

Thanks for reading!