Recent fundraising meetings

On October third we had a meeting with a family where we talked with them about Ireland, and had a Nacho Libre party. Yes, a Nacho Libre party. If you haven't seen this movie, you need to. It is so funny. You can watch the trailer here. Anyway the party was so much fun. They provided the corn on a stick, nachos, the Lord's chips, and re-fried beans while they put Stephen and I in charge of the Eagle Egg. Stephen and I were at a loss for what to do. We were seriously looking through the phone book the night before looking for an Emu farm so that we could bring an Emu egg. No such luck. Anyway, Katelyn helped me with the idea of a cheese ball shaped like an Eagle Egg with Chinese noodles around them. I think it turned out pretty well.
"Eagle Egg"

This last weekend we traveled to Granite City Illinois to present about Ireland at Stephen's grandparents church. It was a good visit with the church and with Grandpa Jim, Grandma Janet, Aunt Jennifer and cousins Kaitlynn, and Abby.

While at his Grandma's house I found a couple of pictures that I thought were just too cute.

This is Stephen's mom. Isn't she pretty?
Robin Walton

This is Stephen and Michelle. Stephen is so cute and I wish I could hold Michelle. She looks too sweet.
Stephen and Michelle

Since Granite City is right by St. Louis, Stephen and I decided to go to our favorite Chinese restaurant, House of Wong. We discovered this restaurant when we went to St. Louis for our 2nd year anniversary. They make their food fresh, it is very reasonably priced, and it is delicious. Our favorite are their crab rangoons and Wong's Hot Chicken with Brown Rice. In fact we never order anything else! If you are anywhere near Clayton or Creve Coeur Missouri, you have to try out this restaurant!
DSCF0140 Crab Rangoons at House of Wong

This whole month we have appointments with different churches every Sunday. I am really glad that we have these opportunities. We will keep you updated on how they went!