Philadelphia MO

This last weekend Stephen had the privilege to preach a revival at Philadelphia Christian Church. It went really well. His text for the weekend was out of 1 Timothy 6:11-ff.
The attendance started out small and then grew over the weekend, which was nice. We also gave our presentation together on Sunday morning. The church was very generous towards us, which will really help us for our start-up costs.
Presenting at Philadelphia Christian Church

Our next big adventure takes us to Omaha NE. Stephen's sister Michelle attends a church that we are going to speak at. It is called City Church. We might be their first missionaries as they are a new church plant. Please be praying that we communicate clearly the need in Ireland and pray for the leadership at this church.

Also, we have the opportunity to speak at Nebraska Christian College. We will talk about what we will be doing in Ireland as well as telling the students about the need in Europe and what options Kontaktmission has for them as in short term trips and internships. Hopefully this will go well.

We are really looking forward to this upcoming trip because not only will we get to see Michelle, but Stephen's parents are coming into town as well! Stephen's brother Michael is on the soccer team at CCCB and regionals is that weekend in Omaha. So the whole fam will be together for a few days. It will be nice to see them again.

We are getting ready to send out our second newsletter, so if anyone wants to receive it who hasn't before, just leave a comment on here or email stephen at and give us your email address so we can put you on our list. Thanks!


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