Our first 5K together!

We had a great time at Forum Christian Church's Personal Best 5K this last Saturday. I was having such a great time seeing everyone from our church while running that I was really distracted on how I ran. We were just having a good time waving to people and encouraging each other. There was also another group's 5K that started about the same time, so the trail was just crowded with people at times. It was a lot of fun though. It was really nice to have something to work towards. I definitely want to participate in another 5K just because it helps Stephen and I stay active. Other ones will be different though, because we won't know as many people as we did in this one.
Before the race
Stephen and I ran together and so our times were about the same 31:01. This was pretty good since the last time that we timed ourselves we were a minute or two over that. Still, looking back I wish that I ran faster, but hey, it was my first 5K and now I actually know that I can run for that long!

This weekend we went to Assumption, IL and presented at Assumption Christian Church. Stephen's friend Seth Bates is the youth minister there, so he gave us the sweet hook-up. People in that church are really friendly and nice. Be praying for the missions team in Assumption as they make a decision on whether or not to support us. It was also great to see Seth, his wife, Sandy and their two boys, Jack (3 years) and Liam (2 months). Liam was really cute and Jack just said the funniest things. We had a nice visit.

Our next upcoming event is that Stephen is preaching for Philadelphia MO Christian Church's revival. It will last Thursday-Sunday. Please pray that it will go well.

Thanks for reading and thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.


  1. great post. I just picked running up again. I am so far gone on it right now. But I had to start somewhere. Congrats on the run. Love ya guys.


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