Team Building

This past Sunday (after church and the rain) we went camping with our teammates Jammie and Jessie Lowe. We had a really nice time. We camped for 2 nights at Katfish Katy's right along the Missouri River. It was beautiful. We just had a nice time relaxing and spending time together.
The big tent we stayed in with 3 rooms!

I asked everyone to smile and guess who doesn't!

On Monday we took a 15 mile bike trip along the Katy Trail to Rocheport and back. It is such a pretty stretch along the trail. I don't ever get tired of it. Mostly everything was closed in Rocheport except for the cafe just off the trail so after eating our picnic lunch, we went over to the cafe and ordered small cones. They were HUGE! We all wondered what the large cones looked like.
The sun setting over the Missouri.

It was good to just spend some time with our teammates. It is encouraging to be with people who are going through the same things as you are.
Our team (Apparently I did not get the gray shirt memo. :) )