A great trip to Hebron, NE

Stephen and I had such a great time in Hebron. We arrived on Saturday evening and spent the night at the Budget Host Inn. "Uncle" KC and Suk run the hotel, so it was great to see them again.
Stephen on the World's Largest Porch Swing
my turn

On Sunday morning Stephen and I presented at the First Community Church, where Stephen grew up. It was nice for him to see everyone again. It was very encouraging.

Stephen helped make this area in the park when he was in Boy Scouts

For lunch we went over to his friends, Aaron and Craig, parent's house. We had a nice time with Dennis and Nancy, eating chili soup and catching up on what everyone is doing now days.

In the old Hamster Wheel at the park

We ate supper at Mary's Cafe. It was pretty good.

After that we went to SLX (Student Live Xtreme) which is an inter-denominiational youth group run by Jeff Friesen of Hebron Bible Church. Stephen and I spoke to the youth group about what we are going to do in Ireland, and encouraged them to follow Jesus no matter what. The youth group got over at about 9, but we ended up talking to Jeff until about midnight. I was glad that we were staying another night at the Hotel.
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Some of the kids at SLX

The next day we just took our time getting back. In Hiawatha, Kansas we stopped because someone told us about this elaborate memorial that a man put at his wife's gravesite. It was quite something. It is called the Davis Memorial. The story is that the man, John Davis was an orphan and poor and married a rich gal, Sarah. Well, her family got mad at this and disowned her. Since then John made lots of money and he and Sarah lived very frugally and never had any children. Once Sarah died, John did not want any of his money going to Sarah's family and so he spent tons of it on 11 Italian marble life size statues of Sarah and himself, and a 50 ton marble canopy that is over their graves. If you are ever in Hiawatha, Kansas, it is worth going by.


We stopped next in St. Joseph, Missouri. We ate at Chick-fil-a, which was delicious and then played mini-golf at Cool Crest Garden Golf. If you are a fan of mini-golf, this is a good one to go to. It is well taken care of and has 3 different courses. It is also really pretty. Anyway, Stephen beat me in the first game, and he also won a 2nd game free, so we decided to play again. I beat him in the second game!!! I have NEVER beat Stephen before in mini-golf, and so I was pretty proud that I actually beat him. It can be done!
Hole in ONE!

We had such a good trip, and it was great to see everyone again.


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