Are you comfortable?

Lately, Stephen and I have been training to run a 5K. I have never been a runner or really ever had the desire to run that far. I always thought that I could do it, but I wouldn't ever enjoy it, just because I am not a runner.

Well, when Forum Christian Church decided to sponsor a 5K  that goes along with the sermon series "Your Personal Best", I decided that it might be fun to do with our church family. So, I started training.

At first, it was not fun. It started out easy enough, running for 10 minutes, but I couldn't even do that. I took two small walk breaks. The next time that I was supposed to run was for 15 minutes, and Stephen yelled at me because I took my two short walk breaks again. I just couldn't get it through my brain that I could actually do this.

Well, we went on our 70 mile bike ride in two days. On the first day the going was much more difficult just because I kept on thinking that we were going to have to go back the next day. But what surprised me, though, was that I actually did it, and that I actually enjoyed it. The second day was much easier than the first.

After the bike trip we had to run for 15 minutes again. I made up my mind that I would not take a walk break, and you know what? I didn't need one. I actually had extra energy at the end of my run that I raced Stephen a little at the end. It felt great! A couple of days later I had to run for 20 minutes. It was harder, but I did it!

With all of this running for time, I was wondering of how long I could actually go. The weekend where we took the 70 mile bike trip I was supposed to run for 2 miles. Well, the bike trip kind of got in the way.

Little Liam ready for his bike trip.

The Morris Family

Stephen and I by the largest Oak in Missouri

This last Saturday, we took 14 mile bike trip with Katelyn, Tyler, and Liam (Tyler pulled a small kiddie trailer behind his bike with Liam strapped into his carseat. Liam did really well. He slept most of the way). It was really fun. I kept on wondering if I could actually run 2.5 miles and had made up my mind that even though we took this bike trip, I wanted to run afterwards. We ran around Katelyn and Tyler's "block" which is exactly 1/2 mile. It was pretty bad. As soon as I started out I had a side ache that lasted almost the whole time. The first 1.5 miles I was about ready to give up. Stephen actually thought that was reasonable since we had gone on a 14 mile bike ride, but when we got around to where we were going to stop, I just kept on going. I told myself that I couldn't think about my body right now, that I just wanted to finish and not fail. I had been training for this, so I should be fine. I kept going through the pain, and you know what? I finished! I was so happy that I did it. (I was also really happy that I set Sundays aside as "rest days". haha).

This experience has just gotten me to think about a few things.

How do we know if we are doing our best if we don't try something new?
I always thought that walking was the best I could do. That I just couldn't run because I am not athletic. Well, I do know that I am not the most athletic person out there, but with this training plan, I am learning that I actually can run, and that I actually look forward to it.
I know that I will have to think twice before chalking things up in the "I can't do it" pile. I don't want to pass up a gift that God has given me just because I haven't wanted to try it out. Now I have something to talk about with other runners, that might lead to more conversations about Christ. What is it that you need to dust off of your "can't do it" shelf?

How far do you push yourself?
With running, I have learned that you only get better the more you push yourself. I have noticed this in other areas of my life as well. I am a pretty shy person, and don't really have the gift of gab. But I know that I cannot let opportunities to tell others about Jesus just pass me by. I can't just wait for someone to come and talk to me, I am going to have to push myself and get to know them. I still need to work on this, but I am glad that I recognize it more now. What is that something that you need to push yourself for?

I sometimes think that we get used to being pretty comfortable.We are resistant to change because it can make things uncomfortable. Trying new things, and pushing yourself are sometimes very unpleasant. I just want to encourage you to try something new, whether it is walking, running, talking to someone new, giving of yourself to someone who has need. Even though you may get "growing pains" I hope that you will find it worthwhile.


  1. That looks like SO much fun! I would need a big cushion for my bum though!!!

  2. YAY! you are becoming a runner. that means we can run together. I loved this post Alisa. Keep it up!

  3. What a cute kid!


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