All Packed and Ready to Go

Stephen and I are both trying something we have never done before. Tomorrow we are going on a 35 mile bike trip on the Katy Trail, camping, and then riding 35 miles back. I have always wanted to try this.

We are just going to take it nice and easy, lock up our bikes and hike on some trails, if there is any, and just have a relaxing time.

We just recently bought rear bike racks for our bikes and pannier bags, so our bikes are both quite loaded. I never realized how huge my sleeping bag really is! We did a practice pack tonight so that we would see if it would actually work or not, and it does! My bike was feeling a little heavier, but not bad. I think part of the problem was because one of the saddle bags had more in it than the other, so once we even them out, it should be fine.

Anyway, I will tell you how it went and post pictures of what we did next time.



  1. So excited for you guys! Always wanted to do that, but 5 kids with training wheels makes for a long and arduous bike ride......Have fun guys! -Marty & Rob


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